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 CONTENTS       Volume 50 (2016) Number 2      


For the Future of the Christian Presence in the Middle East.
Frans Bouwen

Martyrdom and Communion in the twentieth century: a Church of England perspective.
+ John Warwick

The Saints as an Element in the Communion and Communication in the Early Church.
Mark Sheridan OSB

What does unity mean in a world that is falling apart?
Susan Durber

The Centre for Theology and Community.
Angus Ritchie, Jessica Scott, Josephine Canny OA             

Christian Meditation: restoring the balance.
Laurence Freeman OSB

The Correlation between Ecclesial Communion and the Recognition of Ministry.
Susan K. Wood

The Church: Towards a Common Vision. A missiological Reading
Stephen Bevans SVD

The Reformation Quincentenary: relearning the past, building the future.
Timothy T.N. Lim           

Going to Church with J.S. Bach.
Dick Wursten

The Oxford Movement: some new perspectives.
A.M. Allchin           

John Keble’s way to Christian Unity.
Michael A. McGreevy           


The Christian Heritage of Basra.
Erica C.D. Hunter

Conclusions of the Conference: Martyrdom and Communion,
Bose, 10 September 2016.
Br. Luigi d’Ayala Valva

Pioneer Ministry in New Housing Areas.
James M. Cassidy CRIC


From Conflict to Communion: Together in Hope. Joint Commemoration of the Reformation by the Lutheran World Federation and the Catholic Church held on 31 October in Lund and Malmö, Sweden.

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Volume 50 . Number 2 . 2016