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 CONTENTS       Volume 51 (2017) Number 2


Commemorating the Reformation:
a Challenge and an Opportunity for Roman Catholics.
+ Bernard Longley           

Foot washing, remembering, and the search for unity among Christians:
a reflection on the logo of One in Christ.
Thomas O’Loughlin           

Fifty years of Methodist-Roman Catholic Dialogue.
David Carter           

Common Discernment: A Catholic Perspective on TCTCV.
Edward Hahnenberg           

Witnessing to Interchurch Marriage – 1. Towards a Spirituality.
Ruth Reardon

Witnessing to Interchurch Marriage – 2.  The Food of the Eucharist.
Corinne Bernhard-Bitaud                          

Witnessing to Interchurch Marriage – 3.   Walking the path to Christian Unity.             Helen & Richard Connell           

Remembering: living with the legacy of the Reformations.
Mark Chapman           

Responding to the Reformation: a biblical approach.
Nicholas King           

Reforming: a theological idea in a secular age?
Jeremy Worthen           

Orthodox Reflections on the Reformation and its Legacy.
Andrew Louth                        


Responding to the Reformation: Swanwick, October 2017.
Dudley Coates

Book review