Volume 41 Number 3 (July 2006)

Christianity, Interreligious Dialogue and Muslim-Christian Relations. Anthony O’Mahony Christ in Islam. John Flannery Who is Muhammad for Christians? An Exploration in the Thought and Theology of Kenneth Cragg. Joan Chadirchi The Church of England and Islam: Muslim Christian Relations in Contemporary Britain. Barbara Mitchell

Volume 41 Number 2 (April 2006)

The Process of Ecumenism: The Roman Catholic-Eastern Orthodox Dialogue of Love. Lawrence Cross Religious Freedom at Vatican II: It’s Impact on Ecumenical and Interrelgious Dialogue. John Keane Ut Unum Sint – An Anglican Response. Rt Revd Mark Santer Mary – Grace and Hope in Christ: Some Reflections. David Carter

Volume 41 Number 1 (January 2006)

Possintne Omnes Unum Esse? A Pentecostal Response to Ut Unum Sint. Terry Cross A Pentecostal Response to Ut Unum Sint. Glen Menzies Can They be One? A Response. Jeffrey Gros The Place of Ecumenical Monasticism In the Ecumenical Movement. Nancy Gower Abraham and Mary Models of Faith in Kierkegaard and John Paul II. Agneta Sutton … [Read more…]

Volume 40 Number 4 (October 2005)

Christians in Iraq. Aziz M Abdul Nour Eastern Christianity in Iraq: History and Ecumenism. William Taylor The Catholic Church and Dialogue with the Syrian Churches. Sebastian Brock Healing and Reconciliation: Catholic-Syrian Orthodox Dialogue. Mar Gregorius Ibrahim The Ethiopian Church and its Monastic Tradition. Colin Battell Unitatis Redintegratio and Orientale Lumen. Dyfrig Harris Ecumenical Perspectives on … [Read more…]

Volume 40 Number 3 (July 2005)

A Response to Orientale Lumen. Benedict Gaughan Coptic Orthodox Thought in Modern Egypt. Anthony O’Mahony An Ecumenical Role Played by Monastic Literature:The Case of Isaac the Syrian. Sebastian Brock Armenian Christianity: A Historical and Theological Overview. John Whooley The Macarian Homilies: A Wellspring of the Christian Mystical Tradition. Marcus Plested The Monastic Contribution to East-West … [Read more…]

Volume 40 Number 2 (April 2005)

The Church Ahead of the Church? The SCM as an Ecumenical Pioneer. Robin Boyd Monasticism and the Anglican Communion. Donald Allchin Liturgics as Ecumenical Theology: James White 1932-2004. David Tripp Christian Unity: The Communal Participation in Christ’s Body and Blood. Lace Marie Williams Martin Reardon. Mary Tanner Catholicity and Unity. David Carter

Volume 40 Number 1 (January 2005)

Petrine Ministry and Christocracy: A response to Ut unum sint. Paul Anderson Luther’s Summa on Christian Life: An Ecumenical Retrieval and Revival. Mark Chapman ‘Not Strangers but Pilgrims’ The 1980s Inter-Church Process. Colin Davey & Martin Reardon After Christendom: Benedict, Maclntyre and the Future of Anglicanism. Angus Ritchie

Volume 39 Number 4 (October 2004)

Mission Theology in Dialogue Between Catholics and Pentecostals. Hans Hess Universal Episkope and Papal Ministry: Responses to Ut Unum Sint. Peter Laning A Transforming Initiative: Ministry to Interchurch Engaged Couples. George Kilcourse Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Approaches to Ecumenism. Lawrence Cross A Contemporary Concept of Law. James Danaher A Pneumatological Radical Free Church View … [Read more…]